Tentative Program

Saturday & Sunday :
Bootcamps for senior-undergraduate and graduate students
Neal Evans (UTexas, US), Alex Lazarian (Wisconsin, US), Naoki Yoshida (Kavli IPMU, JP)

Invited Review: Pierre Cox (ALMA JAO, CL)

Morning: Local star formation in the Milky Way
Invited Talk: The Role of Turbulence, Magnetic Fields, and Feedback for Star Formation – Christoph Federrath (ANU, AU)

Afternoon: Star formation inhibition in the Central Molecular Zones
Invited Review: Jens Kauffmann (MpifR, DE)
Invited Talk: Elisabeth Mills (San Jose, US)
Invited Talk: Tomoharu Oka (Keio Univ., JP)

Other topics:
Atomic and molecular phases
of the ISM, filaments
Formation of dense cores in the interstellar medium
Star formation on GMC scales
Formation of stellar clusters
Star formation in the galactic center

Morning: Star formation in nearby galaxies
Invited review: Yu Gao (PMO, CN)
Invited talk: Susanne Aalto (Chalmers, SE)
Invited talk: Sachiko Onodera (Meisei, JP)

Afternoon: Star formation in simulation and theory
Invited review: Ralph Pudritz (McMaster, JP)

Other topics:
Role of morphology, masses (dwarfs, spirals, ellipticals)
Quenching of star formation, blue and red sequence
Role of environment, role of supernovae feedback
Role of AGN feedback
Kennicutt-Schmidt laws

Wednesday: Excursion and free time


Morning: Star formation in High-z galaxies and primordial star formation
Jacqueline Hodge (Leiden, NL)
Chelsea Sharon (McMaster, CA)

Primordial star formation
Naoki Yoshida (Kavli IPMU, JP)

Focus groups 1: Central Molecular Zones in the Milky Way and Galaxies
(moderator: Jens Kauffmann (TBC))
Focus groups 2: new and open-sky observing facilities (moderators:

Morning: Connecting star formation at different scales
Invited review: Neal Evans (UTexas, US)

Galactic Winds, Feedback, and Magnetic field
Invited review: Alex Lazarian (Wisconsin, US)

Focus groups 3: large scale surveys of the Milky Way (moderator:
Focus groups 4: tools for extraction star formation quantifiers in
distant environments (moderator: TBC)

Other topics:
Scaling laws
Universal process in star formations
Influence of Galactic winds, magnetic field, feedback