High Sensitivity Experiments Beyond the Standard Model


July 31st – August 7th 2016

Quy Nhon, Vietnam

The goal of this workshop is to gather researchers, theoreticians, experimentalists and young scientists searching for physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics using high sensitivity experiments.

The standard model has been very successful in describing the particle physics world; the Higgs-Englert-Brout boson discovery is its last major discovery. Complementary to the high energy frontier explored at colliders, real opportunities for discovery exist at the precision frontier, testing fundamental symmetries and tracking small SM deviations.

Scientific program and call for abstracts:

  • EDM probes for CP violation and baryogenesis
  • CP violation in neutrinos and leptogenesis
  • Baryon number violation: Proton Decay and neutron antineutron oscillations
  • Lepton number violation, lepton flavor violation
  • CPT and Lorentz invariance tests, antimatter
  • Light Hidden sectors (Axions and other light bosons)
  • Nuclear beta decay and correlations
  • Other experiments at the precision frontier (g-2, Sterile neutrinos …)
  • Facilities and instruments

More infos soon at http://www.lpccaen.in2p3.fr/hisebsm

Conference venue

The conference will be organized at the International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education in Vietnam (ICISE) by Rencontres du Vietnam, a scientific non-profit organization. The venue is located at a beautiful beach in Vietnam, thus allowing participants also to enjoy the nature, culture while having rich scientific discussion. Information can be found here: http://rencontresduvietnam.org/introduction/.


For questions regarding the scientific program, please contact:

Gilles Ban (hisebsm@lpccaen.in2p3.fr)

For administrative information, please contact:

Aimie Fong (rencontres.vietnam@gmail.com)
Secretary of the Rencontres du Vietnam

BP 33, F-91192, Gif sur Yvette, France
Tel: 33 (0)1 69 28 51 35 / 33(0)7 81 29 44 15