‘Meeting Vietnam’ conference links International Scientists

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(SGGP) – More than 80 scientists from all corners of the globe are taking part in the 9th annual ‘Meeting Vietnam’ conference in Quy Nhon City in the central province of Binh Dinh, scheduled from July 28 to August 17.

Yesterday, scientists discussed cosmology in the Planck era, general relativity and gravitation. They will talk about the fundamentals and applications of nanophysics from August 4-10, and windows on the universe from August 11-17, when the 20 hectare International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education in Vietnam (ICISE) will be inaugurated.

Jean Tran Thanh Van

Among the international scientists attending the event are five Nobel Laureates including Jack Steinberger (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1988); David Jonathan Gross (Nobel Prize in Physics in 2004); George Smoot (Nobel Prize in Physics in 2006); Jerome Friedman (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1990); and Sheldon Lee Glashow (Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979).

ICISE founder, particle physicist Tran Thanh Van, who was awarded the prestigious John Torrence Tate Award in 2011 for his international leadership in physics, said that it is a rare opportunity when top scientists all the way to Nobel Laureates gather at one location to talk about science. Accordingly, physics-major students should grasp the chance to exchange with them to expand knowledge.

Within the framework of this prestigious event, two classes on condensed matter and astrophysics are being held for teacher training college lecturers and both local and international research students of physics.

(Ngoc Thai – Uyen Phuong)

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